Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fans Lee Min Ho raise 9,97 Miliar KRW to UNICEF ^^

Good Job for fansclub Lee Min Ho, the Minoz successfully raise money for 9.97 billion KRW (Korean currency) which will be donated to UNICEF. KRW 9.77 billion was not entirely the result the fans, there is also assistance from Dave Fancafe. But there is a unique, fans raise funds based on birthdays Min Ho Lee. Meaning?

Yes, fans raise money for KRW 6.22 billion. exactly the same date of birth Lee Min Ho is on 22 - 06. This was the plan. Fans are Lee Min Ho DCInside name 'Lee Minho Gallery' fans. Well, if Dave contributes fancafe KRW 3.75 billion. Everything is donated for malaria sufferers.

One of the UNICEF staff said, now the fans are not only conducive to the interests of his idol stars, but they can also use it for purposes that are beneficial to the people. Yeah, it should be like that. Lee Min Ho is also very enthusiastic ..

wahh, it's lee min ho altruistic, including his fans ..
you proud or do not have idols like lee min ho?



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