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Kim Bum to appear in High Kick Through The Roof

Kim Bum to appear in High Kick Through The Roof

It's official, Kim Bum will make a cameo appearance in High Kick Through The Roof. As you can recall, Kim Bum appeared in the original High Kick! and he rose to fame as his role as Lee Min-ho's best friend.

Filming took place on December 11th and he's set to appear on the December 21st Episode, which is episode number 72. His role will be as a university student and nephew to Kim Ja Ok, and he'll use his charm to sweep former Sugar member Hwang Jung Eum off her feet.

When asked for his feelings being back on the set, Kim Bum said that he was happy and it was like old times, because most of the staff and the director were the same.

In other news, Kim Bum is also scheduled to star in a new MBC drama The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, the sequel to the hit 2004 drama The Woman Who Wants to Marry. He will play a playboy character and have a relationship with actress Park Jin Hee, a woman that's 12 years older than him. His charm and appeal to noona's older than him makes him the perfect candidate for the role.

Good news for Kim Bum. He had a very high point with his role in Boys Over Flowers, but unfortunately Dream pretty much bombed. Hopefully his career is back on the upswing.

Source: Chosun

Credits : allkpop

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Goo Hye Sun Wants to Invite F4 to Star in a Project

Translating only the HS relevant parts that meow13 posted.

GHS expressed in Taiwan that she'd like to act in a comedy (movie) with
Show Lo. She also revealed that she misses a certain wine (gao liang)
from Jin Men.

GHS who recently became a director wants to invite F4
Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon to star in a project,preferably "Boys Over Flowers 2". She said that way, she only needs to change the female lead.

(translator's note: can't help laughing at GHS's joke. so witty of her. but BOF will never be the same without her as jandi!)

credits : meow13/webby @ Soompi
from : it's me noonateha
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Goo Hye Sun Soompi Fan Club Launched

Dear all fans of Goo Hye Sun,

Good news for you~! Goo Hye Sun first Soompi Fan Club is launched~!
You can show your support to Hye Sun by joining this online fan club.

Please visit for more details. ^^

Let’s all spread your love for Hye Sun~! Hwaiting! ^^

Loves and thanks,

Credits : gongjunim

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Kim Bum cast as Park Jin-hee’s younger boyfriend

Interesting! Kim Bum has been confirmed for MBC’s upcoming The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, which stars Eom Ji-won and is a sequel to 2004’s The Woman Who Wants To Marry. He’s currently busy with initial character work, as he’ll be playing the younger boyfriend to Park Jin-hee (War of Money) — their characters have a 12-year age gap.

The main story centers around three thirtysomething women (Wang Bit-na rounds out the trio along with Eom Ji-won are Park Jin-hee) who are getting fresh new starts in different ways. Wang, for instance, breaks things off with her fiancé, while Park Jin-hee starts a romance with a much younger man (Kim Bum). I wonder if he’ll be a contender for a serious relationship or more of a boy toy. Either way, it’s a great way to stir younger viewer interest while also satisfying the drama’s target base, since Kim Bum has serious noona appeal.

Before that show broadcasts in 2010, though, he’ll also be making a cameo appearance in family sitcom High Kick Through the Roof, which is the spin-off series of the show that made him a star, Unstoppable High Kick. He will be the next actor from the old cast to reappear in the new show, after Kim Hye-sung showed up in Episode 1 and Jung Il-woo in Episode 35. He’ll be featured in Episode 72 as the university student nephew to Kim Ja-ok; he stays at her house and makes an impression on Hwang Jung-eum’s character.

Kim Bum finished filming his part on the evening of December 11. His good buddy Jung Il-woo came to cheer him on, although they didn’t appear together (and when Jung filmed his own cameo, Kim Bum was there). Kim said, “I’m extremely happy to be filming with director Kim Byung-wook again. Most of the staff members are the same from Unstoppable High Kick so it felt comfortable and fun, like coming home.”

Via BNT News, Star News

Credist : dramabeans

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SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong mocks Eun Ji Won

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

SS501's Kim Hyun Joong mocked senior Eun Ji Won who was in a boy band called Sechkies in the late 90's and early 2000's. Sechskies was also from the same entertainment company(DSP Entertainment) and it was absolutely hilarious!

On the December 11th episode of SBS Intimate Note, the stars formed teams and presented an individual talent to receive the most amount of popularity votes.

Kim Hyun Joong did a parody of Eun Ji Won's rap from the Sechskies hit track "Pom Seng Pom Sa," in a very comical manner.

To this Eun Ji Won stated, "It's EXACTLY the same."

For those of you youngins who are unfamiliar with Sechskies, they were the #2 boy band back in the day, during the H.O.T era. These two boy bands were considered rivals and they really dominated K-Pop... ahhh the good old days.

Check out the video of Kim Hyun Joong as well as Sechskies performing Pom Seng Pom Sa below, for you older k-poppers, doesn't this bring back some great memories?

Kim Hyun Joong (audio is a bit out of sync):

Excuse the horrible quality, there was no such thing as HD during the stone age:

And for good measure, the MV:

Source : allkpop
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SS501 without Kim Kyu Jong?

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong

On the December 11th episode of SBS Intimate Note, SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong revealed that he almost quit.

It was revealed that Kim Kyu Jong was the most meticulous and sensitive out of the entire DSP Family of 10 (including Kara).

Park Jung Min stated:

"I think he felt inferior to the other members of the team and almost quit, he even cried."

Kim Kyu Jong who is originally from Junrado stated:
"My mom didn't want me to fall behind the Seoul kids, so she bought me brand name clothes and sneakers. However, all of the other members didn't wear anything expensive. Even though I wore expensive clothes, it didn't look right on me, but the other kids who didn't even wear brand name clothes, seemed to still shine."

In addition, Kim Kyu Jong showed his gratitude to the other members and stated:
"I tried to drop out and join a different team, but the members grabbed me. However, as time went by, I became a Seoul (city) person as well."

Could you imagine a Kyu Jong-less SS501?

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong

Source : allkpop
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Goo Hye Sun Picked Best Actress by Taiwan Netizens (한글번역)

Actress Goo Hye Sun, 25, popular in Taiwan as a "hallyu," or Korean wave, star, has been picked as the best Asian actress by Yahoo! Taiwan, Koo's agency, YG Entertainment said Wednesday.

Koo, who rose to stardom with her starring role in the KBS-TV drama ``Boys Over Flowers,'' claimed the top place in the "Asia Female Artist" category of the "Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009."

She was one of the most "searched" stars by netizens in Taiwan, according to the agency.

Koo will attend the awards ceremony to be held in Taipei, Friday.

Koo has been wooed by Taiwanese producers to appear in dramas and music videos. Even before ``Boys Over Flowers,'' Koo won fame by starring in hit dramas such as ``The King and I'' and ``Pure in Heart.''

from : kimchi's blog
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Goo Hye Sun in Taiwan (12/10/09)

Posting HS's taiwan schedule

10号下午 韩亚航空 OZ 711 韩国出发 12:10~13:45
late afternoon of the 10th, Asiana OZ 711 departing korea 12:10~13:45
12号中午离台 大韩航空KE 692 12:10~15:35
noon-afternoon of the 12th departing taiwan, Korean air KE 692 12:10~15:35
Will be at Grand Formosa Hotel attending the awards show of 奇摩 on the 11th from 1 to 3pm

this is the only event she will be attending in taiwan
the rest will be her free time

guessing that she may be staying at the Grand Formosa Hotel
arriving taiwan at 13:45pm on the 10th
韩亚航空班机编号OZ 711首尔出发T2 3F第二航厦三楼出境大厅
last two lines are info regarding her flight reaching taiwan. since she's already reached taiwan now, guess i can skip translating this part.

credits: webby/ + as labeled
from : kimchi's blog
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[MinSun Faith III] - Nothing/' Gonna Stop Us

from : kimchi's blog
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Goo Hye Sun Teases Lee Min Ho Part I & II

from : kimchi's blog
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kim So Eun @ Golden Disk Awards

Kim So Eun was at the Golden Disk Awards yesterday, and she presented an award with no other than Jung Yong Hwa from You’re Beautiful!

She looked stunning as always, and her dress was very pretty as well. Rest of the pictures under the cut.

So Eun & Yong Hwa presented various awards (Disk Bonsang, Digital Bonsang), here is the full video of them presenting:

(Credit: URMyMelody. Thanks lollipop95! :D )

Coming onto the stage: (locking arms? Bummie better be jealous~)

Credits : bumsso
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Finally !!! SS501 Magnae HyungJoon Telesinema “Superstar:Black City” Teaser is OUT!

As previously reported, that our magnae HyungJoon will be taking part in Omnibus Drama called “Superstar” that has 10 different stories in total. And, FINALLY!!! There’s an update ’bout this project!! HyungJoon will be taking part in the story called “Black City”. I don’t know whether he’ll be in this story ONLY or not. This telesinema project details are like super hard to find >.<

And, who dare to do this to our magnae ????!!!!????? *lol* okay, I am exaggerating ^^

Here’s the teaser!

Credits : marinastory
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SS501’s Hyun Joong and Young Saeng kissed each other?

SS501 and Kara

Yes, they kissed!

SS501 and Kara were cast in a recent recording of SBS Intimate Note 2. Being in the same agency, DSP Entertainment, the two groups showed their close bond and relationship with one another and during the show, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong revealed that he has seen Hyun Joong and Young Saeng kiss. He commented, "On Young Saeng's past birthday, I saw him kiss." He then put Hyun Joong on the spot light saying, "From now on, discuss this issue with that person [who he kissed]."

It was later revealed that the two had to kiss because of a game they played at Young Saeng's birthday party. But SS501's Jung Min poured gasoline on the fire saying, "There is this kind of atmosphere in the team. Hyun Joong and Young Saeng's awkward atmosphere."

Regarding the "awkward atmosphere," Young Saeng commented, "We [Young Saeng + Hyun Joong] are close, but weirdly I can't seem to talk to him well." Hyun Joong then added, "Out of 365 days, I see Young Saeng for about 290 days. To other members, I can speak comfortably saying, 'Hey, you *****'. But to Young Saeng, I can't." He also added, "When the other members are late, I get angry at them. But when Young Saeng is late, I tell him 'it's ok' without realizing it."

Also on the show, the question of "Which person is the most popular amongst celebrities" was asked, and Young Saeng answered that it would be Kara's Seung Yeon. He then revealed a story from the past, where a male singer asked him if he can introduce him to Seung Yeon. Young Saeng commented, "It was when I met this singer. He told me that Seung Yeon is really cute and requested if he can meet with her. But I turned it down." Seung Yeon then added, "I heard this story before, but he didn't tell me who it was."

Stay tuned to this exciting broadcast of Intimate Note 2 tomorrow (11th), as the "male singer" who showed interest in Seung Yeon will be revealed!

SS501 and Kara

SS501 and Kara

Source : allkpop

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