Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How about a wedding picture with HyunJoong?

Ready for a picture with the famous F4’s JiHoo SunBae? Okay, fine. Not actually a picture with him, but how about editing yourself in there?

Kim HyunJoong the reason for the whole uproar in Taiwan. In a famous cable channel in Taiwan showed the fans ‘We Got Married’ and along with that, they opened up a “wedding picture” event. It is an event where an average viewer photoshops a wedding picture with them and HyunJoong, and the winner will be awarded a Korean DVD set. Even at this moment, hundreds of wedding pictures with HyunJoong is being uploaded on to the website.

Currently, with the CFs, and other programs being shown in China, he is rising up to be the new first place holder in search engines in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

Credits : K Bites



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