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Kim Hyun Joong Gets Pwned By Fans in Starcraft?

Kim Hyun Joong Gets Pwned By Fans in Starcraft?

Yes, that's right. SS501's quirky leader Kim Hyun Joong got pwned by fans while he was playing a few rounds of Starcraft games against his fans on

For those of you people who haven't heard of Starcraft, it's an immensely popular science-fiction real time strategy video game developed by Bilzzard Entertainment. Players can choose to either play the single player version, which is a very extensive and well-written story mode, or the multi-player version, where the player can interact with and duke it out against other players by choosing one of three races (Zerg, Protoss or Terran) to play as on's Starcraft server.

Starcraft was huge in Korea and there were professional gaming leagues with some professional gamers making incomes in the 6 figures. Games are routinely televised on dedicated gaming stations and as many as 120,000 fans turned out to watch a finals game in one of the leagues in 2005. The Starcraft craze has died down somewhat, but it's still a popular game.

Anyway, back to Hyun Joong. A fan had previously written, "Oppa, please play Starcraft with us," on SS501's homepage. The chances of celebrities responding back to fans, especially to a request like this one, are very slim - so imagine the shock of that fan when Kim Hyun Joong responded on December 6th (around 3PM), saying, "Is there anyone who knows how to play Starcraft?"

He explained briefly that his own account for their blog had been hacked so he would be borrowing fellow SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong's ID . Hyun Joong then proceeded to inform his fans that he had created a channel called 'ss501' and created a room with a 2 vs 2 map:

[translation: Who knows how to play Starcraft?/I'll make an ID/Come in from the Asia Network, channel SS501]

Hyun Joong chose to play as the Zerg, and when a fan worried about not having much skill and experience in the game, he responded, "I'm not good either, don't worry."

Fans who had heard about this afterward were understandably jealous and said things like:

"I'm a 3rd year in high school (equivalent to a high school senior in America) and I stopped playing this game a while ago, but this makes me want to play again."

"I wonder how a fan who loves a certain celebrity feels when they're playing Starcraft against them?"

"Kim Hyun Joong is really like an older-oppa-living-next-door kind of figure."

"Aw, I'm good at Starcraft, what a pity."

After getting pwned by the fans, Kim Hyun Joong closed off the event by saying, "2009 was a really eventful year. I got to meet Boys Before Flowers' Jihoo-sunbae, performed in the Asia Tour, and released the Rebirth album among many other things. There are a few things I regret, but there's no point in being regretful now."

He also apologized to his fans: "I'm sorry that I make excuses and say that I'm too busy to update my blog even once a month - I update so little that it's up to the point that I almost forgot my password... I'm sorry. I'll show you a brand new side of me in 2010, so please look forward to it."

Ah, Starcraft... Reminds me of the good old days, servers for hours on end or LAN 4v4 at pc bbangs (pc cafe). Damn, I wish I could've played against him. Lucky fans... Starcraft 2 should be out some time in the near future.

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