Sunday, December 6, 2009

Intimate Note 2 Preview / SS501 and Kara

Credit: poohhl@youtube
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The show will be airing on 11th Dec 09, 9:55PM (Korea Time)

SS501 and KARA Meet Up!

KyuJong/Caption: See the first time
Young Saeng Picture is out

Caption: With him
Maknae who is the one doing, which you will see!
KyuJong and Jung Min pushed Hyun Joong out

Caption: Hyun Joong and Young Saeng who will win?!

Caption: Seung Yeon I think
everybody is the leader!

Caption: I agree too...
Your birthday came faster than mine that's why you are chosen to be the leader?
I don't know!

Caption: Oppa~
Be my black knight please!

GyuRi :Oppa~ Where shall we go~?

Jung Min :Ah~ What a horrible charm!

Caption: SS501 become KARA!
Caption: KARA become SS501!
Caption: Only them, this special encounter meet up!

credit: PinoyExchange
From : Feeding my addiction to Boys Before Flowers



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