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[AWARDS] Vote for SS501 in "2009 Melon Music Awards"

I know I am late to share u this, but, I was totally forgot ’bout this event >.<

The event took place in Seoul Olympic Hall on Dec 16,2009 – 7 pm local time!

We still have time to vote way until the ‘D’ day ! No need to register/log in whatsoever !

How to vote :

1. Go to Melon site here

Then this page will appear ~

Then it will redirected u to the next category! SS501 is in 2 categories : 2009 Star & 2009 Mania!

U need to VOTE ALL CATEGORIES, if u found no SS501 in the options-u STILL need to vote!

Vote for SS501 n click the orange button ’till u reach the last categories!

Then a button like this appear~

Then a page like this appear~

SS501 won’t be attending the event due to their overseas schedule, yet, at least we can support them in this voting rite ^^ Triple S Fighting!!

Credits : marinastory
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[TV] SS501 perfoming "Love Like This" in MBC Music Core Jeju Special 12.05.09

Credits : marinastory
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[PHOTOS] Kim Hyun Joong for 2009 Year End Hotsun Chicken Photoshoot

More images under the cut!

And click image for larger view!

Source : as tagged!

Credits : marinastory
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SS501 Returns with “Love Like This” on Music Core

SS501 Love Like This

Though the boys said their goodbyes last month, SS501 returned for today's Music Core Special Jejudo edition.

SS501 has been quite busy with their Asia Tour Concert, so their appearance on today's show was definitely nice. After winning 2 K-Chart wins for their comeback single Love Like This, the boys took the stage again in flashy white suits with some insane shoulder pads. Check out the performance!

Source : allkpop
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong fans prove their love via a 137 pages fanmade paper

Kim Hyunjoong Fanclub “My Club Jihoo Hyunjoong Arhee” on Dec 3rd,2009 showed off their self-made paper under the title “Kim Hyunjoong’s Korean Wave Syndrome Article in Asia Blog“. The self-made paper with a total of nearly 137 pages thick is a compilation of all Kim Hyunjoong’s related info that appears in Japanese Magazines and Blogs.

The paper is said to come with depth analysis by category which amazed the ‘real’ journalists. It also done in color pages alongwith a Hangul translation and interpretation.

Meanwhile Kim Hyunjoong who is also the leader of boygroup SS501 just finished their local activities for their newest mini album “Rebirth” with the title track ‘Love Like This’ and the group will focus to their overseas activities and is busy preparing their Asia concert. Kim Hyunjoong syndrome is started off by his appearance in popular drama “Boys Over Flowers” in the early of this year which is also broadcasted in Japan, China, Taiwan and became popular since then.

Source : 김형우 cox109@newsen

Wow..this is impressive ^^

JihooHyunjoong Arhee Fanclub is also the one who donates $2,650 or 3,500,000 KRW to The Beautiful Foundation (to help the poor people) using Yoon Jihoo name. And, it was the first time ever a donation made under a drama character’s name (via kpculture)

Some love from HJL to us ^^

Credits : marinastory
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Kim So Eun supports Bisang

Some shots from the Cafe (credit as tagged):

According to the Chinese fans at the event, Kim Bum was originally seated closer to the door (and faced away from the door) and moved more inwards later on. He drank coffee and talked with the staff and the other actors. Since the picture of him from the backside was when he was wearing the first outfit, the person was probably a staff. After 5PM, Kim Bum switched oufits to head over to the VIP (2nd) screening.

The fans from DC did spot So Eun in a cafe next to the theater, although they didn’t say when and where.

Another video of So Eun @ Bisang VIP Premiere:

(Credit: ngothuyan. Thanks mayadee ^.^)

Around 1:38. She seemed a little rushed and uncomfortable. Maybe the reporter caught her offguard, or maybe she was late. There you can see the scarf the Korean netizen was referring to, and you can see the white sleeve that’s similar to the cafe picture.

This is a compilation of So Eun’s appearance at the Fly Up (Bisang) premiere, which includes a video interview, and a fan accounts. Fan account courtesy of Kim Beom China & soul+ (and Beoming) @ Kim Bum DC. Video courtesy of meoluvdenmi.

There were 5 of them that went (From KB CHN), and even prepared a giant flower bouquet by the door. They arrived ahead of time and found that Kim Bum was already at the location, having a cup of coffee and talking at the cafe next to the CGV theater. To respect Kim Bum’s privacy, they waited for him outside. The Korean fans also spotted him in the cafe, but they also respected his privacy and left him alone.

When Kim Bum came out of the cafe, he greeted the Chinese fans and even bowed. He was very polite to the fans.

The Korean fans said So Eun was wrapped in a scarf and she went straight to the theater after leaving the coffee shop.

At the cafe:

No, I don’t have original picture. No, I didn’t blur the picture. It could be So Eun, but it could also not be So Eun. It’s for you to judge.

The person sitting in between Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo is a boy. It’s probably someone from their High Kick days, not sure though:

Now the video:

Starts around 0:42. Translations:

Encouraging words? _Kim So Eun
Bum-ah I’ll watch the movie well. I hope ‘Bisang’ does well. ‘Bisang’ fighting!
border: 0pt none;

Credits : bumsso
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Kim Bum becomes the #1 Host

In his new movie Bisang / Fly Up. Here is the newest trailer:

Fly Up is set to release December 10th. The company postponed the release date in order to dispute the R rating (no children under 19), but it was not possible without editing out the crucial scenes of the movie.

Credits : bumsso
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Kim Bum is poised to take flight

Here is a recent interview from Asia Economy, translated by Dramabeans. Much thanks! You can see the original gorgeous pictures Javabeans posted here. I included another set for your viewing pleasure.

It’s been a little while since Dream faded from airwaves, but its star Kim Bum is getting ready to launch his new movie, Flight [비상], which will be released next week. Here’s a recent interview with the actor talking about those two projects and his acting life after Boys Before Flowers:

Dream’s failure became a chance for me to look back at myself”

Contrary to his “pretty boy” looks, Kim Bum is exceedingly daring and aggressive. Not toward people, but toward his projects.

Of the lead actors who starred in KBS’s popular Boys Before Flowers, nobody has worked as continuously as Kim Bum. He could have taken a long break and worked on managing his image and popularity, but instead he raced on with the drama Dream and movie Flight (Bisang).

With the release of Flight upcoming (on December 10), Asia Economy magazine met with Kim Bum, who, with round-eyed wonder, revealed his boundless love for acting.

“When I’m curious about something, I can’t contain it. When I read a synopsis or a screenplay, there are times when I feel the character fighting with me. I felt that with Lee Dong-chul in East of Eden, and also with Lee Jang-seok in Dream. It’s like the character is taunting me, ‘Try and see if you can do it.’ I hate to lose, so I have to act.”

In the movie Flight, the role Kim Bum plays is of Park Shi-bum, a man who gives up his dream of being a film actor for his first love, and instead enters the lifestyle of a bar host. He had a lot of attachment for this role, which he chose not one week after Boys Before Flowers had ended.

“I was drawn to Shi-bum’s character, who undergoes a dramatic change from the first part of the movie through the end. It’s a role that allows me to show a lot of different emotions, so I considered it good study. I prepared my next project really quickly after Boys Before Flowers, because when I find something to challenge me, I want to keep doing it.”

Kim introduced the character of Park Shi-bum by saying that if placed in that situation, his character in Unstoppable High Kick might act in a similar way. He also said that it was not easy acting as him, since it’s not a character we often come into contact with in real life. He confessed that it was difficult to show him changing dramatically while maintaining a consistency to his character.

Kim said that he approached Flight with a spirit of learning. His explanation that “East of Eden and Boys Before Flowers were projects that I put a lot of study into” shows his studious attitude toward those projects. Dream and Flight could have driven him to overworking, but he said with a laugh that with his personality, if he develops a desire to keep doing something, he isn’t interested in other things.

“I’m on leave from Joongang University. I got an academic warning for taking the shortest terms, but still, I think it’s a good thing for me to meet others at school who are interested in the same work and talk over our worries together. It’s just that it’s too bad that I can’t go to school very often. But it’s rewarding that I’ve become someone whom my friends in the acting department can come to for advice. I haven’t had any regrets in my acting life.”

The drama Dream was pushed aside by its competition, Queen Seon-deok, recording low ratings lower than 10%. However, Kim Bum expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The ratings weren’t high, but I was able to meet good people and learn a lot.”

He says, “If Dream had followed the success of Boys Before Flowers, I wouldn’t have been able to think straight, but it gave me the chance to look back at myself.” It’s a pretty grown-up sentiment. Having just passed the age of twenty, Kim Bum continues on at high speed. His “flight” begins now.

Source : asiaeconomy Tranlate by dramabeans

Credits : bumsso

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Christmas Eve’s Sky MV (Updated with Lyric Translations)

Kim Bum Christmas Eve's Sky (聖夜 の 空) MV dari single Jepang pertama dirilis!

Lyrics (Thanks very much to Faith Maria for translating ^.^):

Candlelight was flickering on your lips
It was so dazzling that I glanced away
I saw you being happy with someone
Out of the window, it was snowing silently

I brushed away the tears from your cheeks
And wrapped around your clear skin
With the warmth from my hands
I won’t let you go even in a dream

Holy night
I can tell you tonight
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
It’s almost aching
Oh my love

Holy night
Wish my longing reach you
I pulled you closer and
Looked up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

Putting on a red nose, you’re fooling around and laughing
I will protect you forever and ever
Your innocent smile and your sorrowful tears as well
Everything about you is dear and shining like a star

Holy night
From bottom of my heart
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
It’s like burning
Oh my love

Holy night
Let’s stop the hands of a clock
We two snuggled up close
And looked up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

Even if time passes and we get older
We will walk together hand in hand

Holy night
It’s more certain than words
Fall in love
I just look on your smiling face
Feel my heart
It’s overflowing
Oh my love

Holy night
It’s connected to our future
Let’s look up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

I love you
Only you

Credits : bumsso
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F4 attacks Asia

Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, dll, akan mengambil Wave Korea ke seluruh Asia.
Setelah "Boys Over Flowers Sindrom" melanda banyak negara Asia, yang F4 telah memutuskan untuk membantu mempromosikan gelombang Korea dan kipas pertemuan dan konser di negara-negara Asia lainnya.

Kim Bum akan ke Thailand pada tanggal 7 Desember untuk pertemuan penggemar. Hal ini untuk memperluas panggung untuk Asia Tenggara. Manajemen Kim Bum menyatakan, "Thailand adalah Pasar Hallyu terbesar setelah Jepang dan Cina. Kim Bum Meskipun hanya bintang Hallyu meningkat, ini adalah kesempatan yang baik untuk mengembangkan penggemar baru. "

Kim Hyun Joong dan SS501 akan ke Hong Kong pada Desember 9 untuk promosi album mereka dan konser.

Kim Joon dan T-Max akan ke Singapura untuk sebuah konser dan pertemuan penggemar pada tanggal 10 Desember. Meskipun Kim Joon didiagnosis dengan Flu babi, ia dibersihkan pada tanggal 2 dan memulai persiapan konser.

Pemimpin F4 Lee Min Ho akan memulai pertemuan penggemar di Taiwan dan Hong Kong mulai akhir pekan ini.

Credits : bumsso
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[INFO] Pemenang Asian Television Awards ke-14


Akhirnya keluar juga pengumuman pemenang ATA. Sebenarnya rada males nih posting info ini, soalnya Minho ga menang hehhehe. Seperti yang sudah diprediksi oleh blogger lain, kalau kemungkinan Minho untuk menang dipenghargaan ini kecil sekali. Jadi kita pasrah aja, lagipula nama Minho masuk nominasi sudah bagus, berarti setidaknya akting Minho dihargai dan diperhitungkan oleh orang lain.

Hasil Pemenang ATA ke-14:
1. Best Drama: 小娘惹 The Little Nyonya
2. Best Actor: 彭耀顺 Adrian Pang (红线 Red Thread)
3. Best Actress: 米雪 Michelle Yim (家好月圆 Moonlight Resonance)

*sengaja cuma posting 3 kategori aja ^^*

Source :

Credits :
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[INFO] 21.12.09 Lee Min Ho Fanmeeting in Singapore

Setelah promosi sehari dibulan Oktober lalu, Lee Min Ho kembali ingin membahagiakan fansnya di Singapura. “Minoz The First Asian Fan Meeting – First Love With Singapore” akan diadakan pada tanggal 21 Desember di The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo.

Didalam Jumpa Fans yang akrab ini, Lee Min Ho akan mengungkapkan kehidupan pribadinya melalui video, foto dan juga wawancara. Selain itu dia juga akan bernyanyi dan melakukan beberapa games dengan fans.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut seperti harga tiket dan lain-lain sebaiknya mengunjungi website ini >> Official Singapore Fan Meeting Site <<

Source :

Credits :

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[NEWS] Updated: 2NE1(?) and SS501 Will Not Attend Melon Awards


Popular idol groups, SS501 and 2NE1 withdrew from attending the Mellon Music Awards.

DSP Entertainment, SS501’s production company, has said in an phone interview with The Daily that the group’s Asian Tour schedule would not allow them to attend. Fellow DSP group, Kara, is also “unlikely to attend” and has not confirmed yet.

YG Entertainment, 2NE1’s production company, has also revealed through a telephone interview with The Daily, that “2NE1 cannot attend. Big Bang has also not confimed their attendance.”

Prior to these announcements, SM Entertainment groups, SNSD and Super Junior has revealed the possibility of their attendance in the Mellon Music Awards. SS501, 2NE1, Kara, and Big Bang are those who have the possibility of not attending.
Mellon Music Awards is an annual activity, which recognizes active artists and released songs. This year, it will be held on the 16th, 7PM, at the Olympic Park Stadium

cr: TV Daily+21evo

Translated by: Belle@21evo, aka knucklepink

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

[pictures] Han Chae Young – DHC

Credits : Soheelover
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SS501 Magnae Kim Hyungjoon Overseas Interview Strategy is…

Grup korea anggota SS501 Kim Hyungjoon fantastis ini di luar negeri memiliki strategi wawancara.

Pada 2 Desember MBC '
Golden Fishery-Radio Star' siaran, kelompok di luar negeri magnae Kim Hyungjoon strategi wawancara dinyatakan melalui pertunjukan.

Kim Hyungjoon mengakui bahwa di setiap negara ia akan menyatakan bahwa ia ingin menikah dengan negara-negara tersebut penyanyi populer.

Park Jungmin, "Hyungjoon akan mengatakan bahwa ia ingin menikah dengan negara-negara 'selebriti perempuan. Di Taiwan ia ingin menikah Jolin Tsai, di Jepang dia pergi untuk Aya Ueto dan tentu saja di negeri ini (Korea Selatan) semua orang tahu dia suka BoA ", yang tentu saja membawa orang-orang di acara tertawa.

Source : 차연 sunshine@newsen
Credits : marinastory
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SS501 and Hong Kong girls are “just friends”

SS501 and Hong Kong girls are just friendsImage

Kembali pada bulan Agustus, SS501 mengambil beberapa waktu dari promosi konser Jepang mereka dengan berlibur di Hong Kong.
Dua dari anggota SS501, Kim Hyun Joong dan Heo Young Saeng sudah melihat masuk ke dalam taksi dengan 2 gadis Hong Kong.

Media beredar desas-desus bahwa anak-anak pergi ke Hong Kong untuk "kegiatan ekstrakurikuler," bahwa mereka diam-diam terbang ke Hong Kong untuk mendapatkan rahasia-pergi liburan dengan perempuan. Sementara Hiburan DSP membantah klaim dan menyatakan, "Hanya saja tabloid / paparazzi bekerja. SS501 sudah lelah dari Budokan konser di Jepang dan mereka pergi ke Hong Kong untuk melepas lelah dengan 8 teman-teman yang mereka kenal sebagai anak-anak. Itu cuma memutar media Hong Kong cerita sekitar dari foto yang menunjukkan dua yang gadis masuk ke taksi dengan Hyun Joong dan Young Saeng. "

Yah sebelumnya hari ini, anggota SS501 tamu di MBC's Golden Perikanan dan berbicara mengenai masalah dengan menyatakan bahwa perempuan "itu hanya teman-teman yang kebetulan tinggal di Hong Kong."

Source : allkpop
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Goo Hye Sun and Rain at Tous Les Jours Christmas

Foto-foto Goo Hye Sun dan Rain di Tous Les jours Natal yang baru dirilis pada 2 Desember!

Saya suka pasangan dari Goo Hye Sun dan Rain di iklan Natal ini!

Datang merayakan Natal bersama Tous Les jours! ^^

Anda dapat memeriksa lebih dari Tous Les jours acara Natal @ di sini.

(credit: DC)

Foto-foto dari Goo Hye Sun dan Rain di Tous Les jours Natal:
urs Christmas:

Credits :
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