Friday, December 4, 2009

Kim So Eun supports Bisang

Some shots from the Cafe (credit as tagged):

According to the Chinese fans at the event, Kim Bum was originally seated closer to the door (and faced away from the door) and moved more inwards later on. He drank coffee and talked with the staff and the other actors. Since the picture of him from the backside was when he was wearing the first outfit, the person was probably a staff. After 5PM, Kim Bum switched oufits to head over to the VIP (2nd) screening.

The fans from DC did spot So Eun in a cafe next to the theater, although they didn’t say when and where.

Another video of So Eun @ Bisang VIP Premiere:

(Credit: ngothuyan. Thanks mayadee ^.^)

Around 1:38. She seemed a little rushed and uncomfortable. Maybe the reporter caught her offguard, or maybe she was late. There you can see the scarf the Korean netizen was referring to, and you can see the white sleeve that’s similar to the cafe picture.

This is a compilation of So Eun’s appearance at the Fly Up (Bisang) premiere, which includes a video interview, and a fan accounts. Fan account courtesy of Kim Beom China & soul+ (and Beoming) @ Kim Bum DC. Video courtesy of meoluvdenmi.

There were 5 of them that went (From KB CHN), and even prepared a giant flower bouquet by the door. They arrived ahead of time and found that Kim Bum was already at the location, having a cup of coffee and talking at the cafe next to the CGV theater. To respect Kim Bum’s privacy, they waited for him outside. The Korean fans also spotted him in the cafe, but they also respected his privacy and left him alone.

When Kim Bum came out of the cafe, he greeted the Chinese fans and even bowed. He was very polite to the fans.

The Korean fans said So Eun was wrapped in a scarf and she went straight to the theater after leaving the coffee shop.

At the cafe:

No, I don’t have original picture. No, I didn’t blur the picture. It could be So Eun, but it could also not be So Eun. It’s for you to judge.

The person sitting in between Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo is a boy. It’s probably someone from their High Kick days, not sure though:

Now the video:

Starts around 0:42. Translations:

Encouraging words? _Kim So Eun
Bum-ah I’ll watch the movie well. I hope ‘Bisang’ does well. ‘Bisang’ fighting!
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Credits : bumsso



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