Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lee Min Ho some quirks

1. He always brought the perfume in her purse because he wanted to be a man who smells fragrant.

2. Like the atmosphere overcast, he could not stand the hot weather and he does not like a wet rainy day

3. In addition to blue and black jeans in the closet, other clothing, especially in black, white and gray.

4. He will not carry an umbrella even if the weather forecast said that it would rain.

5. He'll bite your teeth and talking in his sleep. My friends did not want to sleep with him when they traveled together.

6. If he had to live on a desert island, the things that he wants to have a place to sleep, fire and phone picker.

* A bed - so he can sleep soundly

* Picker fire - even when he was on a desert island, he still had to cook, especially meat. He likes to eat meat and the fire can not be avoided.

* A mobile phone - if he were stranded on a desert island, he still can chat with other people so he will not feel bored. and will please a lot of games already downloaded on the phone.

credits: lediemkieu@soompi.com + as labeled



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