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Minsun Photo Edit by me...

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MinSun or JJ Lunar Sea

Jandi was sleep and jun pyo beside her...
first meeting after 4 years they did not meet

JJ was a dating on the beach....
wow..jandi was pregnant??and jun pyo become a cook?so sweet...
JJ lunch in the middle of their date
jandi asleep and jun pyo give her a blanket
JJ was looking at the stars...
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MinSun sWeet KisS

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F4 in milliter???

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The cast all of Hana Yori Dango version...

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Accecories of BOF..

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Handsome boy

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Min Ho with who????

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T-max MV OST

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BOF cup...

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Fans Lee Min Ho raise 9,97 Miliar KRW to UNICEF ^^

Good Job for fansclub Lee Min Ho, the Minoz successfully raise money for 9.97 billion KRW (Korean currency) which will be donated to UNICEF. KRW 9.77 billion was not entirely the result the fans, there is also assistance from Dave Fancafe. But there is a unique, fans raise funds based on birthdays Min Ho Lee. Meaning?

Yes, fans raise money for KRW 6.22 billion. exactly the same date of birth Lee Min Ho is on 22 - 06. This was the plan. Fans are Lee Min Ho DCInside name 'Lee Minho Gallery' fans. Well, if Dave contributes fancafe KRW 3.75 billion. Everything is donated for malaria sufferers.

One of the UNICEF staff said, now the fans are not only conducive to the interests of his idol stars, but they can also use it for purposes that are beneficial to the people. Yeah, it should be like that. Lee Min Ho is also very enthusiastic ..

wahh, it's lee min ho altruistic, including his fans ..
you proud or do not have idols like lee min ho?
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about korean part 4

Singer = gasu
Vocalist = seongakka
Composer = jakkokka
Lyrics = jaksaga
play = yeonjuja
Sound = eum
Melody = gok
Piano = piano
Song = norae
Guitar = gita
Classic = keullaesik
Pop song = papssong

Hello = yeoboseyo
This is ( Hyejin 0 = jeon ui ( Hyejin ) imnida??
Who's calling,please? = nuguseyo??
Could i talk to...,please? = ..ssiwa tonghwahal su isseulkkayo??
Can i talk to..,please? = ...ssi jom butakdeurimnida
I'll put you through = jega yeongyeolhae deurigetsseumnida
Hold on,pleas = jamsiman gidariseyo
I'm afraid..isn't in at the moment = joesonghajiman...ssiga jamsi jarireul biwotsseumnida
Do you call you back? = ...ssiege dasi jeonhwaharago halkkayo?
Could i take a message? = mesigireul badeul su itsseulkkayo?
Would you like to leave a message? = mesigireul namgisigetsseuyo?
The line is busy = tonghwajungimnida
Could you repeat taht,please? = dasi malsseumhae jusigetsseuyo?
Could you speak up a little,please? = jom deo keuge malsseumhae jusigetsseuyo?
I will call you back = jega dasi geolgetsseumnida
When ican i call you? = eonjejjeum tonghwaga ganeunghalkkayo??

Happy new years= saehae bok mani badeuseyo
Memorial day = ginyeomil
Party = janchi
Congratulation= chuka
Graduation ceremony = joleopsik
Wedding ceremony = gyeoronsik
First birthday = dol
Birthday = saengil
Sixtieth birthday = hwangap
seventith birthday =chilsun

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about korean part 3

i am sleepy = jollyeoyo
ice = eoreum
Beach = haesuyokjang
Cold = gamgi / chuwi
Snow = nunKiss = kisseu
Flu = dokgam
Don't know = molla
Do you speak english?? = yeongeoroul malsum halsu isseoyo??
Where is...??? = ....nun odi imnika??
How do i get to...?? = ...aneun ottokae kamnika??
Bus station = bosu teominal
I'm in hurry = ku phaiyo
Slowly = cheoncheonhee
Quickly = bbali
There's no hurry = kuphaegae gajiahnadu dwaeyo
Do you have..?? = ...inayo??
Shirts = syeocheu
Shoes = sinbal
Large = keungeolro
Small = jageungeolro
Smile = oosuhyo
I'm happy = nan haengbok heyo
My loving heart = saranghaneun ma eumeul
Actor / actrees = baeu
teacher = gyosa
Doctor = visa
Nurse = ganhosa
Student = haksaeng

red = ppalgangsaek
orange = juhwangsaek
Yellow = norangsaek
Green = choroksaek
blue = parangsaek
Deep blue = namsaek
Purple = Boraksaek
Black = geomjeongsaek
White = hinsaek
Silver = eunsaek
Sky blue = Haneulsaek

Boyfriend = namjachingu
Girlfriend = yeojachingu
sweetheart = aein
Couple = yeonin
Dating = yeonae
Blin date = miting
Wedding = gyeoron
Broken heart = siryeon
Darling, honey, sweety = jagi , yobo
It was love at first sight = urin seoro cheonnune banhaesseoyo
will you be my girlfriend??? = Nae yeojachinguga doeeoullae???
Will you be my boyfriend??? = nae namjachinguga doeeojullae???
Would you like to go out with me?? = narang sagwillaeyo??
I'm crazy about you = dangsinege banhaetsseumnida
We're a match made in heaven = urin cheonsaengyeonbuniya
Would you marry me?? = jeorang gyeoronae juseyo??
He broke up with me = naneun geuge chayeotsseoyo

House = jip
Toilet = hwajangsil
Bathroom = yoksil
kitchen = jubang
Living room = geosil
Floor = maru
Study = seojae
Warehouse = changgo
Court = madang
Garden = jeongwon
Roof = oksang
Closet = Darak
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Friday, October 9, 2009

The opening ceremony PIFF on 8 october

According to the agency, Lee Min Ho is now a famous Korean actor has accepted an invitation to attend the opening ceremony of PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) is the 14th and will run on "red carpet" on October 8, 2009.

PIFF Opening ceremony will be broadcast live on the Korean television station SBS on October 8, starting from 7 pm (Korean time)
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Chouchou Media Coverage on BOF Promotion in Yokohama Japan

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Lee min ho in the opening of PIFF 2009

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Some Other Pics of MinHo at Gimpo Airport

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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