Friday, October 9, 2009

A note from someone who was in the DD filming site in Australia.

We couldn't believe that MH went to Australia since only 2 days passed after his Trugen fan signing event.

We were still in the mood of Trugen event, and there was no message related to it except that. So we were confused about his trip to Australia.

In the evening of 10/2, some fans said that many fans rushed into the airport because MH would return from Australia.. And one fan said that MH went there to take a CF filming for Dunkin Donuts.

Yesterday, some fans found out MH's photos taken in Australia on someone's personal blog. (her cyworld homepage)

The following is her short note for the DD filming.


There is no more photo except below ones. Since more than 30 Korean people were there, maybe his photos would be shown on others' personal blog. Only I have the photos taken his back and they are similar to each other.

It was Dunkin Donuts CF that about 150 more extra actors including foreigners performed. The CF was filmed from 8 a.m to 7:30 p.m, and LMH arrived there at about 1 p.m after lunch time.

After that, LMH filmed with them together. He played basketball with coordinators, stylish and other staff for a while. While filming, he sat in audience seat along with others and ate Dunkin donuts with coffee. (maybe It was the concept of this filming)


He really ate donuts well ...and sometimes talked about what kind of impression/appearance he should express with the directors of the CF..



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