Thursday, October 8, 2009

GHS talks about her AISFF Trailer

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headline: 구혜선, "트레일러, 내 고집 때문에 스태프가 힘들었다
headline: GHS: The staff had hard time because I am stubborn.

' 트레일러' 연출 소감에 대해 그는 "단편영화제인만큼 실험적이고 싶었고 풍부한 상상력을 표출해 영화에서의 호기심을 만족시키려 노력했다"고 전했다. 구혜선은 "제작비가 부족한 상황에서 본인이 제주도 바다 컷을 고집해 스태프가 고생을 많이 했다"고 웃었다. 그는 이어 "비록 제작 환경이나 제작비 면에서 고생을 많이 하긴 했지만, 즐겁게 연출했고 나름대로 열심히 만든 작품이니 잘 부탁드린다"며 수줍어했다.
GHS was asked about her own trailer: "I wanted to make it as experimental and fully imaginative just like a short movie. Even though we did not have enough production income, I still insisted on having a JeJuDo Beach cut that the staff had a hard time." GHS smiled as she said it. "Even though we may have suffered a lot due to production environment and production cost, she thoroughly enjoyed producing/directing and tried her best and she asks for lots of support." She said shyly.

One DC member mentions that, because of GHS's stubborn, she probably comes out with wonderful quality products. I agree with that member. GHS seems to have that stubborness or the authority to insist on her judgment as the director and artist. Bravo! She also mentioned that she also stubbornly insisted on perfection, such as absolute cleanliness, when she was directing/producing . She regretted that she was so insistent when she talked about making , however, I guess habits or the the way one work is hard to change. I do not think it abnormal to think of artists as perfectionist and stubborn in her own ways. I remember reading in this thread about a tarot reader or a fortune teller who says that GHS tends to be the controller in a relationship. (it was a vid clip of the tarot reading of GHS and LMH). I guess such characterization of our GHS can expand to her being a controlling boss/director/producer who insists on perfection and the best from her staff. Why not! Her name will be judged! All the best GHS!!!!

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