Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kim So Eun transforms into candy girl

 Kim So Eun not only won “Rookie of the Year” at KBS Drama Awards, she has also received the attention from many fans as well. She is casted in the new KBS daily sitcom “A Good Day For The Wind To Blow” (Scriptwriter: Lee Deok Je, Director Lee Deok Geon). The story revolves around the 19 year old girl Kwon Oh Bok, who has many hardships growing up but never gives up on her dream of becoming the best illustrator.

Kwon Oh Bok is someone with no money, and not even a place to live. Despite everything, she is a candy girl (optimistic) who strives to become Korea’s best illustrator. She has an explosive personality and will fight against what she sees as unjust. She will develop a love triangle with a petulant designer from a large company who she meets while working at a street vendor along with a hometown oppa who has always taken care of her.

Because it is a daily sitcom, Kim So Eun has a tight filming schedule and a lot of script to memorize. As a result, she only sleeps 2-3 hours a day and uses the rest of the time to film. Kim So Eun expressed brightly, “I have played cheerful and outgoing roles in the past, and although this one is similar, it also has a sense of reality. I’m showing a different side of the actress Kim So Eun. Please also anticipate my love triangle with my two male costars. Even though I’m tired, everyday was spent happily while filming.”

Following “Everyone Cha Cha Cha”, “A Good Day For The Wind To Blow” will debut February 1st. This project is also the first drama where Kim So Eun is the lead actress, therefore she is working very hard. Other actors include Jin Lee Han, Seo Hyo Rim, Kang Ji Seob, etc.

On the other hand, actress Lee Sung Min (Woo Bin’s girlfriend in the F4 After Story) is said to play Kim So Eun’s love rival.

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