Monday, January 18, 2010

An Account about Magic and Director GHS

 쿠 감독의 첫 단편영화 크랭크인! = Director Koo's first full-length feature cranking!

2010.01.16 10:52= Jan. 16, 2010

어제 대만에서 돌아온
쿠감독 = Director Koo who returned from Taiwan yesterday

바로 촬영현장에 투입되다. = immediately throws herself into the film work.

우리의 제작자이신 YG의 양민석 대표이사님 ㅎ,,,,,,,,,,ㅎ
제작자라는 직함을 = Our producer YG's Representative Yang Min Suk-nim. hoho Give the title of producer to,,,hoho

쿠감독님, 조피디님. = Director Koo-nim, PD Jo-nim

[출처] 신성진씨 미니홈피 = [source] Shin Sung Jin minihompy

요술 촬영 장소 = Here is shooting location of Magic

cr : smdrma@soompi
translation by susAmerica@soompi 

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