Tuesday, November 24, 2009


English Translation from bellaangel012@soompi.com:

Brief Summary upon special request and also subject to change due to further editing:

1st video:

about 4:20
GHS talking about how she has become more JD-like, she has taken on a more cheerful demeanor

about the 5:00 mark (the audio is terrible)-
I believe the reporter is asking who she would choose amongst the F4 and she said no one. A bit further along, she mentioned that she is the type of person to have a very simple and comfortable relationship with friends (as in there is no drama, jealousies, etc) and the reporter asked her who she teases the most in the group, GHS said LMH.

Then we have the montage of clips of her poking him with a fork, tickling him? in NC (in the NC part, a PD did ask what they were doing and then he teased them by proceeding to imitate what GHS was doing).

KHJ describing HCY, first time working with her, how he was nervous. Then describing GHS, how she is cute and she looks sexy as well.

2nd video-

about 4;30-
PD asks her who treats her the best and she said that because all of them are so different, they all treat her well in their own ways.

credit: crookshanks_22/bellaangel012@soompi.com, xxxxxamxxxxx@youtube.com
from : kimchi-whendestinycalls.blogspot.com



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