Monday, November 23, 2009

Bisang New MV

It’s getting closer and closer to the release date of Bisang / Fly Up (December3rd). After a string of interviews, there are more videos released.

There are 2 kissing scenes in this MV, one in the middle one at the end (but Bummie doesn’t really reciprocate)… so if you can’t take it, don’t watch it. However, you do see a very scrawny looking Bummie kneeling down in his underwear (along with another partner in crime. No worries, it’s a male).

If anyone wants the mp3 of the song, I can rip it for you until the OST comes out.

There is my take on the plot of the movie:

It looks like Soo Kyeong (Byul) probably hits her head and becomes psychotic (Korean drama classic) considering she’s in a hospital and looks very withdrawn and scared of Shi Bum (Kim Bum). Their initial meeting is tragic, and although they have a little run of happiness, it looks like bad things will happen again and she ends up in the hospital. Then it just all goes downhill since she doesn’t look like she remembers him (there is a scene where Shi Bum embraces Soo Kyeong, and she just stands there. Emotionless. Yay?), and the synopsis said Shi Bum would lose his life for her. Therefore, even if she does remember him and there is a sweet union, Kim Bum will die soon after (even sweeter. I’m so sorry Bummie).

The movie just looks very tragic in general with all the deaths and fighting and separations, but it’s not too far from the classic Korean drama tragedies. I hope the movie does well since Dream flopped, but I hope nobody will worship this coupling. Considering they had a short run of happiness and Soo Kyeong keeps on pushing Shi Bum away after that, I hope my prediction comes true.

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