Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kim So Eun, mature and soft pictures revealed

“She’s no longer a girl, but a lady.”

Actress Kim So Eun revealed how she has been doing through her Cyworld Minihompy.

On November 21st, she released 4 pictures on her Cyworld, depicting her present look. Kim So Eun had her “coming-of-age” ceremony back in May, and is now exuberating a more mature and soft look.

Netizens have complimented her, saying, “She’s no longer Ga Eul-yang from Boys Over Flowers, but has become a lady”, and “I think she acts well~ I hope to see her in a new project soon.”

On the other hand, after acting in “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, Kim So Eun recently shot a Maxim Coffe CF with Jang Geun Seok, where she garnered much interest from netizens.

(Via Newsen)

Source : bumsso



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