Monday, November 23, 2009

Kim Bum SportsKhan Interview

This interview had some interesting things that weren’t mentioned before, so I decided to translate them (The parts about Shi Bum’s character were neglected since it’s almost exactly the same as the Newsen article).

Q: Why are you making the lonely autumn more exhausting for the nunas? (Note: In Korea, people often feel lonely in autumn and tries to find boyfriends/girlfriends.)

I didn’t know my “Ga Eul-yang” saying would become such a hot subject. It was not my intention. My partner was called Ga Eul so what else could I have done? (Peculiar smile) I’m sorry if I made it hard for the nunas.

Q: Do you want to have a destined love like Shi Bum does?

Of course. I want to love like Shi Bum does, being able to throw away everything for his love but still feel happy. I’m still very young but in a few years I will find this kind of love.

Q: You’re so young but it seems you’re already married to your work?

It’s really fun at the shooting locations. In the last 3 years I haven’t rested for more than 3 days. But I’m still very happy. When I’m filming, all of my worries disappear. However, I do want to rest a little now. When I am physically exhausted, it also drains me mentally. All this time I’ve been “running” tirelessly, but now I hope to have some time to turn around and look back on myself.

Q: Since you’re so busy, you probably don’t have time to drink. How much allowance do you get?

No, I like drinking. I can drink about 2-3 bottles of soju. I don’t get an allowance. With the help of a personal financial planner, I manage my own income. I don’t take a lot of breaks due to work, so I don’t spend a lot of money. I only spend money when I’m taking the staff out to eat.

Q: You’re still young but you speak like a 40 year old middle-aged man! Maybe its because you read a lot?

I’ve heard many people say that I’m like an old person in a young guy’s body. I guess its even more so because I’m the eldest child in my family. I used to read a lot back in the day but since I’m so busy lately I haven’t had the time. When I am taking a break in the future I want to improve myself. I want to become an actor who is always working hard at what he does.

(Via SportsKhan, translated by Bumsso. Take out with full credits only)

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