Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kim Joon, hati yang hangat, sehat dengan julukan sagolnam'

[TV news report jowooyoung] 'kkotnam' Kim Joon-attentive and your mind will be captured on camera for the fans from the ethmoid broth Bold 'wholesome sagolnam Iran is gaining the nickname.

This looks and quiet manner nationals acting as an 'invincible baseball' in the 'Prince song' Kim Joon been gained his nickname. The KBS 2TV 'baseball team Invincible' during shooting in the garbage accumulated in the ballpark teumteumyi Take initiative to clean up the minds of fans, his show was hunhunhage.

Eungwonseok was sitting at the stadium one fan and push it into the pen held in Jeju Island juwoseo you have uploaded the game to request a commemorative photo for kids up to their knees in front of the camera, such as knees, maeneonam, as was show off the face.

At the venue, as well as staffers handed the gloves to the chest with one hand bracket runners take ages to break nicely equipped with amenities like a rose.

'Invincible baseball' fans were looking to shoot the scene, "I also direct the ethmoid and Bold Kim Joon-brewed 'wholesome sagolnam' looked like," he had put together the voice of cheer. The "outward show of his acting game in baseball than hitting home runs, gave more valuable to impress," he was praised.

Kim Joon-905 side of the planet sosoksa "euroseoneun Joon Kim praised the fans for granted rather than doing this one just went ssotahjija was flustered," he said.

Year, "Kim Joon-2 'invincible baseball' in the activity has a lot of affection. Neungsukchi not yet been a baseball skills, but have gradually developed his show going," he said.

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Credits : Goo Ara Sun@BBFI



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