Monday, November 16, 2009

SS501 Kim HyunJoong, "We went to HongKong secretly without our company knowing but was caught by the paparazzi"

On KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 14th on November, he said, “We were given 4 days of rest days from the company. We were told to have fun only in areas we should. After hearing that, we boarded an airplane to go overseas.”

He continued, “So we went to HongKong. But in HongKong, we went on paparrazzi news with photos taken of us and some women. YoungSaeng and I were shocked after seeing it on the news in the hotel.”

YoungSaeng then said, “But we think of it as commemorative photos.” rousing laughters in the filming set.

Back then when the news of the 2 in HongKong went out, their company explained by saying, ‘The boys went over to HongKong after their Japanese Budokan performance and went on a vacation trip with 8 other friends they have known since elementary school. The media has only caught and reported the scene where YeongSaeng and one of the female friends going into a cab.”

Photos from the paparazzi back then:


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