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Filming of Goo Hye Sun's Movie Postponed

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Headline:구혜선 시나리오 수정 구슬땀 Headline: GHS scenario revision beading sweat
스포츠한국 강은영기자 Sports HanKook Kang Eun Young Reporter
입력시간 : 2009/11/19 06:05:11 수정시간 : 2009/11/18 16:05:11
Originally posted on Nov 18, 2009 at 4:05PM then Revised on Nov 19, 2009 at 6:05 AM

(I sincerely hope that GHS herself makes some type of confirmation about her schedule for the movie soon.)
The news reports that Goo Hye Sun is making a major revision to her script at this time and therefore the filming of her movie has been postponed. The news also reports that GHS plans to perfect her script before the end of the year and start the filming. One of GHS's close associate states that,

Her movie is a thriller among genius musicians. For this movie, she has completed not only the OST but many other things already. She received positive feedback for her short film. GHS is putting all her energy into her next project, the full-length movie.

This reporter reports that GHS plans to complete filming of her full-length feature by next spring. Until then she is forgoing all her activities.

This article sounds more realistic and more like GHS to me. But I still am not positive which reporter to believe. HanKook news may have more credibility. Again I cannot vouch for it. According to this news, we won't be seeing GHS in fansigning, Andre Kim show or maybe even CF's. Neverthless, she must have faced numerous obstacles to consider revising her script when I remember she announced maybe in summer that her script was ready already!

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