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Part 1
Korean parts only:

I can't really communicate with her so I am just saying ABCs (LOL!); when the director was asking how he was doing talking to her, LMH said that the communication with the actress is going well and since he could speak some english (he's being sarcastic here) he is just singing the ABCs and is having fun.

As soon as GHS walked in, she was making that rabbit sign I think, at 4:25-

LMH: noona, it's been a long time, I've missed you (he is speaking formally to her)

he is talking about the Macau scene, how it was after a period of time that him and JD met and then LMH was describing the scene. by acting it out

GHS saying the common phrases (I'm assuming during filming)- "I'm hungry" "I'm tired" "it's hard", (can't hear?) "rice rice"

8:00 onwards
KHJ doing the fight scene and I am assuming the director/photographer showing him techniques of how to throw punches so it comes out well on film

Part 2
KB doing the action scenes and him saying that because he has filmed some that the action scenes are ok for him (summary)

I think that the action scene got out of hand and the other stunt actor might have gotten hurt

describing the scene where JH was panhandling because they had no money and him singing (gahhhhh my all time favorite songs no less)- he talked about singing in the public in that type of forum and how he had always wanted to sing in such a setting and glad he had the chance to do so. He mentioned how he felt obligated to sing continuously since people were giving money

4:30 onwards
GHS getting a first hand experience of filming (great practice no doubt!) She is talking about filming and how everything has to jive during filming. Then her walking off stating that she is a busy person and that she has to film a scene

I think KHJ is playing different chords and GHS is trying to match which it is, as in: is it C minor, etc etc

I have no idea what question was asked but KHJ said: I don't know what she (GHS) is doing, I guess she is flming? Right now she took my work (him singing for money) and is repaying me back (related to the scene)

She also described the types of proposals that she wants to have/receive:
1. sitting on a gondola and singing
2. singing in an alley and playing the guitar

(she is learning the types of proposals that she is learning about. She said that if she received such a proposal, she wouldn't know what to do since she would be so embarrased)

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@ 1:59
Narrator: Oh my! What they are doing at filming site?...But I think I've seen similar scene somewhere..

Narrator: No matter how cold it is, it's still wrong to do that, HyeSun-san!

Text: Is it Goo JunPyo?

Narrator: was a girl! It's a misunderstanding again.

Reporter: Do you like the actress who's playing your date?

lMH: We can't communicate with each other, we just say "ABCD" to each other.

LMH: Hyesun-san, long time no see. I missed you.

LMH to reporter/BTS producer: She said "nice to meet you".

Actress: I'm happy to see you.

LMH to the actress: Oppa

Actress: Oppa.

(LMH was trying to match-make the actress and the reporter/BTS producer)

Narrator: Oh my! Lee Min Ho-san, you just introduced that actress to the (BTS) producer?

Narrator: Producer-san, fighting!

LMH: You really lost weight, don't you?

GHS: Really?


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^^^ OMONAAAAAAAAAAA... The MinSun interaction for this BTS is less than 3 minutes but i can watch it all day... It makes up for the entire clip... wub.gif

Sisters, The way Minho said those words to Hyesun was not CASUAL at all... There was so much tenderness in his stare and his eyes when he said it that words are not necessary to convey what he feels at that moment...

This is not how you say I MISS YOU to a friend... none of the joking tone nor a friendly laugh that normally accompanies statements like this... Minho was DEAD SERIOUS...

Even his reaction afterwards was so different... he would have laughed it off if he was joking or if he meant it casually but the shy smile he gave was so real and so painfully endearing that my MinSun heart literally did a backflip...


Look at their facial expressions and the way minho stares at Hyesun... It says everything there is to be said.

If i were in Hyesun's shoes, i would have melted...

Hyesun on the other hand seemed to be so surprised at Minho's words that she had to cover her face but i bet there's a smile hidden somewhere behind those hands... hahaha! LOL

The way she stared back at him is also very telling...

OMONAAAAAAAAA... These two are killing me i swear!

Minho seemed to be so painfully shy afterwards, probably wondering how he could have blurted out his feelings in front of the camera... hahaha!

They must not have seen each other a long time prior to this taping that's why he can't stop himself from saying what he is feeling... hehehe!

Is Hyesun watching Minho during take right after?

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