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U-kiss Lee Ki Sub, ideal type Goo Hye Sun shocking confession

얼짱출신 유키스 멤버 이기섭이 이상형으로 구혜선을 꼽았다.
Lee Ki Sub (Date of birth: January 17, 1991 (age 18) Lee Ki Sub joined the group in 2009.) of the U-Kiss Group also seems to have made a debut as an ulzzang like GHS. He said that his ideal style of female is GHS.

이 기섭은 26일 방송되는 케이블채널 코미디TV '얼짱시대2' 최근 녹화에 출연해 "귀여운 스타일의 여성을 좋아한다"며 이상형으로 배우 구혜선을 꼽았다. 이에 유키스 멤버들은 강력하게 반발하며 "실제로는 글래머 스타일을 좋아한다"고 폭로해 웃음을 자아냈다. He was in a program called Ulzzang Generation 2 through Cable Comedy TV Channel on November 26, 2009. He said in the program that he likes 'cute-style females' and, in terms of entertainers who match his ideal is GHS. However, his member friends of U-Kiss who were with him at the show divulged that Lee Ki Sub actually prefers glamour style females and laughed.

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Translation by susAmerica@soompi

The older comedian (Lee Seung Hyun) praises GHS's beauty.
She is so happy that she has been invited to this party and welcomes eveyone who came to the party.
The younger comedian (Song Byung Chul) asked GHS if she knows the other comedian and she says. of course, she meets him often. Song could not believe it and repeated what GHS said, 'You see him often?' Lee became kind of shy and said, 'Yes, that is what she said.' Then the Chirstmas music plays and Lee shouts, 'Why is there music at this important moment!'

Comedians say that everybody is going to have a good time by making a cake today (December 15th TLJ end of the year party.)
Lee asks if GHS likes cakes and she says that she really likes bread and cakes too. Lee asks if she also makes them well and GHS says she has never made one before and she wants to try today. (We see everybody decorating cakes really seriously and almost all of them are wearing the red blankets that the narrator says make the wearers look like cartoon-like lady bugs.They are all serious because three decorators will be chosen for gifts from TLJ.)
The comedians, looking at what GHS is doing, wonders what she is making and what is inside her head that is creating this cake. Lee asks GHS if she is happy with the result and what is inside her head. GHS laugs hard and says it is a Christmas Tree. The comedians and the narrator and the on-screen writing are sort of teasing GHS about her decorations---'really this is a Christmas Tree. the cherries are the lights? Really?' GHS is laughing so hard she is on the floor.
Song asks her how she feels about having make the cake. GHS says it was hard and that, she really thinks she has no talent in cooking. Song then asks her, you don't really cook? and GHS says that she does cook and tries to make it delicious but..the people who taste my cooking seem to have a hard time with it. biggrin.gif
The they go into GHS and the TLJ chef picking out three best cake decorations from the audience.
The winners are given gift certificates and photo sessions with GHS.
GHS makes a good bye statement: I had a very good time and got to make a cake even though it did not come out vey well. She wishes everybody to have a joyful Christmas and to love...The two comedians quickly chime in say that, 'GHS loves me (two of them are saying it on top of each other.) and wants to have dinner after the show and that they want her to buy them dinner. GHS is again laughing

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