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SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong is Most Searched Person in 2009!

Article 1

We will start from his charm? What is SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong’s charm in your opinion?

With his recent broadcasting activities and variety shows due to his group SS501 recent released album REBIRTH promotion , Kim Hyunjoong is definitely loved by many fans as this multi-entertainer is known for his perfect smile!

Fans said, “Among his many charms , I think Kim Hyunjoong’s smile is the best.” It is also said that this SS501 leader is even getting the nickname ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘.

Fans who we gave him ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘ nickname Oh GyeongAh expressed her opinion,”In Kim Hyunjoong’s FanCafe, his smile is also a topic. His smile is giving us comfort and shows his charm the most.” she said.

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also chosen as no.1 Top CF Model for male category proven his charm in the advertising industry.

Related to that, an official says,”Kim Hyunjoong is receiving various Advertising love calls. He is known by both advertisers and consumers because of his popularity, elegant manners and appearance. Plus, his luxurious smile will easily convince the public (read: Advertiser Target market).”

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also appointed as the new male model for casual brand “Basic House” together with famous actress Yoon EunHye.

Basic House, “Kim Hyunjoong fashion sense is excellent. Having him as our model will appeal our wide target market”.

In addition, Kim Hyunjoong recently won 3 awards in 2009 Yahoo Asia Buzz Award.

Source : 매일경제 스타투데이 조은영 기자 helloey@mk

Article 2

Yahoo Korea released its 2009 Best Top 10 List. Two of the Top 10 List Category are the “2009 Top Hot Star” which goes to SS501 Kim Hyunjoong. And his group SS501 is getting the 3rd place in this category.

Another category is “2009 Most Searched Person” in which leader Hyunjoong is also notching the 1st place for this category.

Complete Winner list below!

2009 Top Hot Star

  1. Kim Hyunjoong
  2. TVXQ
  3. SS501
  4. SuJu
  5. SNSD
  6. Lee Minho
  7. KARA (DSP Line ^^)
  8. Big Bang
  9. Lee SeungKi
  10. Gu Hyesun

“2009 Most Searched Person”

  1. Kim Hyunjoong
  2. Lee Minho
  3. Kim Yuna
  4. Lee SeungKi
  5. No MuHyeon
  6. TVXQ
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. 2PM
  9. Son Dambi
  10. Kim DaeJung

Source : Yahoo Korea

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