Monday, December 21, 2009

Shaking hands with Kim Bum

Yes I saw Kim Bum. We shook hands for less than 2 seconds, but it was fabulous nonetheless. He was so perfect in real life, and so much younger looking. Here is the full story:

This trip would not have been possible without Maria, thank you...

After getting off the plane, we rushed over to Yamano Music store in Ginza to pick up our pre-reserved CDs and get the tickets for the high five event. We were 165/166, and by this time it was already 3PM. The event would take place at 4PM and the gathering time was 3:45. As we decided on what to do, we headed outside to find a crowd of girls around the entrance. Hmm… I wonder what would go on there?

Needless to say we waited outside the door, and took our cameras out. I was in charge of two cameras, one for recording and one for taking pictures. Every time we heard a car coming through the one way street I would get in position to click away. It was a very small street and with the amount of girls crowding, there was barely any room for the car to pass through.

Later Maria told me we were waiting by the wrong entrance, and there was another side door where the important people would walk through. I squeeze my way to the front (Japanese fans are very civilized, but I have no shame XD) and waited some more.

The gathering time was at 3:45, but of course Bummie didn’t show up by then. At 3:52PM, a white sedan (surprising, I would have expected a black SUV) showed up, and the staff opened the glass doors to the VIP entrance. The car stopped next to the crowd and immediately all the girls start screaming and pushing to the front.

The door opened and Bummie came out really quickly and rushed to the entrance. He was wearing all black, but so sexy. He looks much younger in person, and his face is very small as well. Some girls succeeded in touching his jacket, while others tried to push to grab him. I did my best to take picture with my right hand and shoot video with my left hand, but the video is much better. Too much pushing and excitement involved to take a decent picture. Sorry! XD

We rush up the stairs to wait for the handshaking event. The first 100 people went by really quickly, literally in 5 minutes, and then the next 100 (we’re in this one) were called. Outside the event in the lobby we left the Soeulmates Christmas Project there, and the staff assured us that it was the place for presents.

On the inside were tables in rows as dividers and we walked around the tables to go to the stage to shake hands with Kim Bum. Unfortunately no video or pictures were allowed inside. When I finally went on the stage, he gave me a polite bow and we shook hands. “Please marry SoEun” was way too long to say in Korean (in the 2 seconds I had), so I settled with “please eat a lot”. “Please marry SoEun” was all over the presents, and we would see him again at the fan meeting tomorrow so I can always shout it to him tomorrow.

His hands were soft, not too hot or too cold (ugh my hands were hoarse and dry from the Korean weather… this is sad on my part). He looked at me briefly as we shook hands. My 5 seconds of glory (from getting on stage to getting off) had ended. He was just fabulous, beautiful, and gorgeous. I’m at a loss for better words. My heart kept on beating way after it had ended, and I just walked clutching my face, thinking about how amazing he looked. Sigh… I need to see him more.

Once again, another crowd gathered outside the store, but this time more than before (there were about 200+ fans who showed up). We waited and waited, and took out our cameras every time the two doors were propped open, and every time a white sedan came down the street, but why was he taking so long? Everyone should have been done in less than 15 minutes.

It was kind of funny that one time the two doors swung open and we took our stances, but instead two people came out wheeling a large rectangular trashcan with a lid on top. People were joking around and shouted to the box to see if Bummie was inside :P

It got dark soon but Bummie still didn’t come out. I started to wonder if it was because the car wasn’t there. Was there a lot of traffic on Sunday nights? Finally a staff came out saying that he was in the elevator. We got our cameras out, but another 5 minutes pass and nothing. Another staff declared that Bummie had other appointments and had left the building. WHAT?! Where did he leave from and why didn’t the staff just inform us that Bummie wasn’t going to show his presence in front of the fans again? We waited in the cold for an hour and half for nothing? Not even a 5 second attempt to touch Bummie while he rushed to the car? We were very disappointed. 80% of the crowd left, but the rest were convinced it was a trick to lure the fans away so Bummie could come out. We decided to loiter around for another 5 minutes. There wasn’t really a need to lie since it would only be 5 seconds during which he would be crowded, and we would see him again tomorrow at the Tokyo fan meet. Just not as close as this time of course.

credits : bumsso

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