Saturday, December 26, 2009

New paintings @ Manolin Gallery

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A customer said...

난 그림은 잘 모르지만 갤러리안에 들어서면서 왠지모를 설렘이 ..ㅋ
I do not know art, but as soon as I entered the gallery, I felt this stir inside of me,,,kaa
배경음악으로 거미의 음악이 흘러나오고
Gummy's music flowed in the background.
나도 모르게 갤러리안에 빠져들고 말았다..
Without knowing, I felt myself abosorbed in the gallery.
설명해주는 글이 없지만 왠지 뭘 뜻하는지 알수 있었어..
There are no words of explanation for paintings, however, I felt like I knew the meaning,,,

source:, minjee@soompi
translation by susAmerica@soompi

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