Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T-Max's overexcited band leader Shin Min-chul tripped and fell at the sight of his fans

An overenthusiastic Shin Min-Chul fell down while he was on his way to meet with fans yesterday at Changi Airport. "I was really eager to meet with the fans yesterday after we arrived. I was running towards them and fell down instead!" he laughed sheepishly.

Setting aside the slippery escapades, with the overwhelming popularity of one member in a band, one would expect jealousy to ensue.

Since starring in the hit household K-drama series, Boys Over Flowers, Kim Joon, the rapper of Korean boyband T-Max, has catapulted to fame overnight, overshadowing his two fellow T-Max members, Min-chul and Park Yun Hwa.

Speaking to the media at the press conference held this afternoon for Seoul'd Out Sundown festival, Min-chul, the group's leader got up from his seat and pretended to leave the room in mock anger.

"Well that is quite a common question," he answered, referring to the Kim Joon's popularity. "To be honest, we are all humans. Yes, there can be jealousy. But we view this as a form of opportunity for all of us from [Kim Joon's] success.

We hope for everyone to take us as a team. Don't take us as individuals. Please watch us as a team together."

They remained adamant about their cohesiveness as a group, despite performing solo songs in their recent single, Single Collection (Special Collection).

"The intention of our solo songs was to bring out the individual talents and not segregate us. Please be patient and await our upcoming album early next year."

Known as the Korean version of the popular Japanese boyband w-inds, T-Max will be rocking out on stage tomorrow night with fellow Korean acts at the Sundown festival. It is the first time T-Max would be performing in Singapore.

"It's going to be really special when we're onstage. We are going to engage our fans and make it a little more interactive," the members shared. "Take this as a date between the fans and us. We hope that you would keep your minds open and listen to our songs to get to know us better."

Cutting to the chase, Min-chul yelped out excitedly, "Let's party!"

The Seoul'd Out Sundown festival will be held tomorrow at Fort Canning Park. Gates open at 5.30pm and tickets are available at the entrance of the park. Visit http://www.sundownfestival.sg/ for more details.

Source: Yahoo
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