Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A night of 'Seoul'd' Out Success

With the Hallyu wave riding strong in Singapore, an estimate of 6,000 people gathered at the Fort Canning Park last night to attend a one-night-only all-things-Korean festival where fans could get their fill of food, fun, and music -- all under one roof.

Apart from cultural performances by the Miso group, the crowd was entertained with three very talented artists in a drawing show, and had the renowned beatboxing Jinjo crew bboys put up a heart-thumping performance filled with nifty moves.

Before the gates to the concert venue was opened at 5.30pm, the snaking long queue stretched so far back that it required a 10-minute walk to get to the end of it. Astute fans from the Korean group, F.T. Island went all out to grab the best standing positions for the concert and shared that they started queuing at the Fort Canning gates at 7pm, one day before the event.

Ardent fans of the various Korean artists performing that night were armed with handmade placards, signboards, and donned matching t-shirts inscribed with their idols' names. Talk about dedication. After the various opening performances and fringe acts, the energized crowd was more than prepared to kickstart their night with the Korean idols.

Loud cheers and screams could be heard from every corner of the field when Mario and his partner, Bak Si Nae, appeared onstage as the first act. Staying true to his rapper persona, the duo covered popular R&B tracks such as 'Umbrella' and 'Kiss Me Through The Fall' by Rihanna and Jay-Z respectively. They got the crowd grooving and moving on their feet when they performed their titular track, 'Never Say Goodbye' from the Korean drama series, My Girl.

After the pair's catchy performance, Lee Ji Su serenaded everyone with his soulful and melancholic ballads. Performing six songs in total, he touched fans with his charming personality when he tried his best to explain his minimal understanding of the English language. In reply to his statement, supportive fans of the idol even chanted words of encouragement in Korean saying, "It's okay!"

With the line-up of acts getting better and better, fireworks were set off when the trio from T-Max crooned to their popular household hit song, 'Paradise'. Fans went hysterical when the friendly boys belted out 'Say Yes' and indulged them with their one-liner declarations of love for Singapore.

The crowd's excitement level was brought to an all-new high when F.T. Island took the stage and jammed away on their music instruments. As a testament to their popularity, shrill cries of excitement and fanatic screams were constantly heard throughout the quintet's performance. Bopping about onstage to 'Bing Bing Bing', the band performed a total of five hit songs and set hearts aflutter when they promised to return for more next year at their upcoming fan session.

After the charming young'uns, the sexy noonas (elder sisters in Korean) from Brown Eyed Girls conquered the stage with their hip-swaying gyrating performance. With their white chic outfits, and little fans, the girls were oozing full of sexiness. The four sensual ladies ruled the stage with a dash of coyness and a sprinkle of sauciness when they summed the night up with a resounding performance of 'How'.

Following the Brown Eyed Girls' final performance, the evening came to a close despite yells of protests and requests of "encore!" from the public. If anything, the successful turnout at the event was a true indicator of the phenomenal 'Hallyu' wave. With promises to return and The Sundown Festival as a biannual event, fans can rest assured and look forward to the many more acts in the coming future.

Source: Yahoo
credits : Stupigty

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