Monday, December 14, 2009

[INFO] SS501 member KimKyuJong Likes KARA magnae 'Kang JiYoung'

On Dec 9, Kim Kyujong confessed his interest when he appeared in MBC Golden Fishery ‘The Radio Star’. The answer is given towards the question of which female idol group member is your favorite?”

When the MC asked the reason of him liking her, Kyujong answered,” Not because she’s my hoobae (junior) of the same company!”

Meanwhile, Heo Youngsaeng answered SNSD Tae Yeon to the question and leader Kim Hyunjoong anwwered f(X) as his choice and said that a lot of his foreign friends say that f(X) is such a cute group.

source : 스포츠연예팀 of csnews

Credits : marinastory



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