Monday, October 26, 2009

091025 BOF Making Eps3

From 0:31
Minho: This summer, I could not sleep well.
HyeSun: I'm sweating.
Minho: Very difficult to sleep. I had a stiff neck, a very bright sun.
Minho: cool onboard right?
- [[Minho expressed her jealousy because HyeSun chance to shoot on the boat (a scene JH - JD fishing fish.)]]
HyeSun: shooting on board (not in the ship).
HyeSun: I was on board. Under a sky that's hot!

From 1:03
Reporter: Is it good?
HyeSun: I'm sleepy, so I eat.
Reporter: He said you do not want to eat, but now you eat.
HyeSun: I also offer the Minho but he said he would not eat.
- [[MH swing liontinnya necklace.]]
HyeSun: Drowsiness once ...

From 1:47
Narrator: What is and has done Goo Hye Sun?
XX: You can not do it
XX: You're what?
Minho: What did you say?
Staff hat: Whispering quietly closely, what are you doing?
XX (like KB): What is this? ( "This" refers to the 'scene' MH and HS).
- [[At the time, MH AA jump and left alone]]
XX: What are you doing?
HyeSun: Not like that ...
HyeSun: This is different from what you think.
KimBum: In front of everyone, what are you doing this?
HyeSun: Not like that ...
Narrator: If you do not give the answer quickly .. (they will continue to disrupt / teasing you)



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