Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lee Min Ho Witnessed Thousands of People Came to Compete

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 Reporter : Lin Weng Ying
 Documentation : Xin Liang Guo dan Lin Zheng Yixuan

Korean star, Lee Min Ho came to Singapore for the campaign, starting from the airport to the conference closed fans going crowd and shouts. Fans are disappointed because the fans see you at the mall was canceled because there were thousands of fans who filled the place. Goo June Pyo (Boys Over Flowers) came to Singapore this afternoon to campaign Etude House. follow her schedule and will make the reader see the charm of "Flower Boy" is.

When the reporters arrived at the airport at 11:30, there are hundreds of fans waiting there, mostly women. According to one of the guards, they must involve more than 10 people this time. Earlier we saw something like this when Edison Chen came to Singapore.

Since the conference closed his fans, so fans took the opportunity to see it in Plaza Singapura. There, fans have started queuing from 5am. A fan Aisyan said, although she has spent 200 SGD buying cosmetics products to participate in the contest "scrub and win", he had no luck and can not attend the conference closed fans. So he and his friends decided to catch up. His friend was very excited Mufida "I wish I could touch it".

Among the fans, some from Vietnam named Kiddie (22 years). She flew to Singapore and will follow the Minho to Malaysia tomorrow. When asked what attracted him with Lee Min Ho, she said too much and can not be listed. She also did not want to divulge how much money she spent on her idol.
Before Minho appeared, fans get impatient. There are about 2 times that people thought he had appeared. When Lee Min Ho appears wearing glasses 12:30, he slowly walked out and waved to fans, and fans started shouting and there fans are so excited that one of the results fell a railing. Initially organizer allows photographers to take pictures Minho at the airport, but because the response from fans who unstoppable, Minho must be escorted to the vehicle. Fans also had crowded around the vehicle.

When the press conference, about 50 people who all know the fans were waiting outside. Minho handsome wearing plaid shirt, gray vest, white pants and a tie. Minho is shy to answer questions with short and safe. Throughout the press conference, he continued to smile sheepishly, quite different from his image as Goo June Pyo. Minho should appear on the Plaza Singapura at 16:00 to meet fans and take pictures with the 2 lucky fans of Fiza and Amelia. When reporters arrived there at 15:30, they know there are thousands of fans have blocked the mall, the store next to Etude House would have to lower the shutters. Amelia told that he must escorted by guards to enter the store. The reporters are also not exempt, if they do not force the road to the crowd, they must find another way. Although organizers have involved more than 30 guards to control the crowd, but the fans are too excited and there are some encouraging each other. Because of security problems Min Ho Lee can not go into the store, organizers decided to cancel the show at 16:10 and give a free gift to make people calm.

Initially, fans do not believe that the show was canceled until they saw the reporters left. Fans are very disappointed and even to cry, queuing from Jam 09.00. Priscilla and Isabel complained to reporters that they gave up going to the airport to get first in line at the mall. Because of the encouragement of fans from the back, the show was canceled. They hope to see Lee Minho and take his departure at the airport.



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