Monday, October 26, 2009

Disruptors on TV The Soft and Sweet

Source : The Straits Times Singapore
 Date : 26 Oct, 2009
Reporter : akshita nanda

The crowd forced the Korean star to lose the opportunity to meet with fans at Plaza Singapura.

Heart idols Korean Min Ho Lee is known to play a rich interrupt builders on TV, but look beyond the glass screen was more like the man next door is sweet.

Asked on what can he do if he is rich like his character, he replied through an interpreter that he would pay the hospital costs for people who can not.

Wearing a gray vest and tie will remind the school dress she wore in the role that made him famous, he dutifully sat at a press conference to answer questions and was surprised to laugh when asked to give tips on how to seduce women.

Women across Asia have been crowned this year's 22 star became the ideal boyfriend after her role as June Goo Pyo in popular Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers. Channel U show just the last episode of the play Saturday.

This Korean drama is the third adaptation of the popular Japanese comic has ever been adapted for television in 2001 Taiwan and Japanese TV in 2005.

Drama gave Lee his first major role, pushed the popularity and large advertising transactions Korean cosmetics brands such as Etude House, which had taken him to Singapore.

The stars said there was no "term shameful" for men to use makeup to hide the stains if they want to look more attractive. But he himself preferred the natural look of the women.

"I do not hinder the women wearing make-up but the makeup is too thick, not at all attractive," he said.

He did not acknowledge the issue of going out even though he had associated with the opponent in the Boys Over Flowers, Koo Hye Sun. But he never walked up the aisle between 200 and pinned on wax ring on the finger of his girlfriend because it was a celebration of their 100-day courtship.

To maintain the reliability of dating, the best super powers he wants is "the ability to know and understand the thoughts and feelings of others".

His advice for a man who wants to seduce a woman: "Of course, if you have money and can buy your girlfriend a gift, it will help. But I think his sincerity and honesty and being nice to these people will succeed. Even if you only provide a snack, if you are sincere and honest, it will touch. "


Dozens of eager fans waiting for the woman in the bright sun outside the Raffles Hotel last Saturday to see when he would go to the next program. Many of them then went to Plaza Singapura and St. James Power Station where he will attend the two events covered.

But the crowd at the mall so many - fans flooded to the area of the escalator on the third floor of Plaza Singapura - so that they appear in stores Etude House canceled.

Two fans are supposed to meet him at Etude House and then marched to St. Louis. James.

In these places, he offers tips for the 150 fans dressed teenagers and age of the 20 lucky winning ticket after buying cosmetics products. Shout fans often drown clear voice of the actor.

There's another side behind this popularity, he said. Her tight schedule had little time for personal things. At holiday times, very difficult to go out because people will always be approached in the street.

"I can not do the things I used to do. Also, I have more responsibility for things I do because I was always in the spotlight. "

Fortunately, her closest friends still treat her as before, although sometimes he caught them with a strange view. "I think they were surprised because now I'm famous," he said.
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