Saturday, October 24, 2009

Story of Lee Min Ho (part 2)

Min Ho likes to read newspapers. He first started to learn hangul of colorful ads printed in the newspaper.

Min Ho very enthusiastic when reading the newspaper, a habit to read the children's comments in newspaper articles and newspapers when he enters primary school. . She can do addition and subtraction very fast and has a very good memory .. Even the multiplication tables and Hanja no problems at all. During the primary school stage, he was a shy child who does not like standing in front of everyone. . Even so, he had high popularity and has known many friends. Ever since kindergarten, Min Ho has been very popular among women.

Compared with other children the same age, Min Ho is always half a head taller than them. Even when placed alongside the children with seemingly parallel, Min Ho is still very striking appearance while standing in between them. Every time the seasons change, the little girls who play with Min Ho will also change accordingly. There was even a fight between them because some girls want to get exclusivity for Min Ho.

After learning Taekwondo, his body became No one in the school dared to fight him. Min Ho once had a goal to be a famous soccer player. We played football four years under coach Cha Bum Kun football team when he was a kid. With this, Min Ho was not fit to be a sports athlete because he tired easily. He met many new friends, which eventually formed his personality positive attitude.

When he was five years old, Min Ho almost become a lost child. Even until now, discussion of "whether the Ho Min little scared at that time", still a common topic among family members. Min Ho hanging around a playground and eventually disappear. Fortunately, there are signs on his wrist that writing home address and name. Residents in the surrounding area to send it back home. Until now, the incident was still shaking up to my spine every time I think about it.

After Min Ho entered primary school, video and computer games is the only one who became the focus Min Ho. If I did not reprimand him, he would think to play all day. His father let him, while I had no choice but to be a strict mother. Although our family was not wealthy, we try our best to not disappoint our children and give them about 100 thousand as pocket money every time. Min Ho did not spend every single penny. Instead, he put it into a savings account. He sometimes gave carnations to us, parents, and said "Mom, please put".

After learning football from the coach Cha Bum Kun, Min Ho's physical tiba.Pelajaran suddenly improved workouts often get an "A". Math also remained consistent over 90. During the first and second year in high school, his height increased at an astounding rate. In fact, he is now no higher than that at the time.

During basic education, the thought of becoming an actor was never crossed his mind, but after he was promoted to high school, he was often approached by the star scouts. Managers will often say: "Please come to find me if you want to become an artist." Thus, Min Ho received a lot of business cards. At first, we thought he did not have the qualities to become an actor.

However, because the cost of living increases, Min Ho also started going to auditions and met with several managers. When he left he would say: "Mom, I went for an audition today"

During the first high school and high school, he liked Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Soo Spirit he often mentions that he wanted to be an actor like them.



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