Saturday, October 24, 2009

Story of Lee Min Ho (part 1)

I was dreaming when pregnant Lee Min Ho, I saw the chili in upland soil. Although the hospital did not give me sex, but because it has a dream, I'm sure he was a boy strong like I usually do not eat meat, but for some strange reason, I loved it during my pregnancy. I eat beef every four days and now Lee Min Ho is a favorite dish with beef chili.

Min Ho weight is 3.2kg when she was born, slightly larger than the average newborn. Weak health from childhood to primary school. He suffered from bronchitis, it becomes a problem, because it was during the winter he must have hurt. And, no matter how much food he ate, he could not fat .. My blood group A, body and personality are very similar to me.

He does not eat much, vitamins for growth was given to him almost every season. We gave him lots of food like what other people do for their children, but he could not fat. He's always been very shy with strangers and very sensitive. Therefore, I always have to carry around and persuade him.

Min Ho as a child. His eyes were large prominent nose. From the beginning he showed his talents as an actor because he really liked it though good at giving her brother a speech, but earlier Min Ho has learned to speak sebulum he lebbih first tampil.Ketika she was a baby, he was very much moved. The first time he called me "Omma" about 3 to 4 months faster than the average child.

Lee Min Ho is only slightly higher than the average child laninnya. He did not actually not too high. But when he was growing up, he becomes much higher. Physical as well be better.

When he was little, we are all called Min Ho "sudden blink". The reason is because of his large eyes, it was very funny when the eye blinks continuously. Before Christmas, "Min Ho" sitting on the bed.

Min Ho had a very good relationship with her brother. The number of fights they really counted. As with her role in "Boys Before Flowers", Lee Min Ho in real life do not know how to swim properly. He was very shy as a child. all family members to encourage and persuade him, before he would swim. Only after being persuaded by me and his brother Lee Min Ho decided to play in the water, but with a jacket and sunglasses.

Min Ho is very shy, I never dreamed he became an actor one day. Even the songs that she sang a birthday party for preschool and after several days of training at home with me. Although Min Ho was so embarrassed when he was young, but he met many friends when he was in high school. During Primary School, Min Ho like soccer and hiking and playing in the fields. During the summer, he likes to catch insects.

Began in high school, Min Ho was very handsome and also enjoy high popularity among the friends of men and women. Even her brother's friends called him "yun Kyung's' pretty boy 'brother'. He started his acting career when he was in grade school. His appearance is not the same as now, he easily acne at the time.



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