Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rising Star Kim Joon to visit Vietnam & link video

Korean Idol Kim Joon will be make an appearance at a special music show called “Dream” at the Lau Anh Stage on October 24. After the success of Korea’s Boys Over Flowers, Kim Joon gained overseas, including Vietnam, recognition as a member of the famous F4.

The singer turned actor born in 1984 will be appearing with his members from T-Max for the Korea-Vietnam collaborated concert at Lau Anh on the night of October 24th. The concert is a part of a special on the Korean Variety show “Road Show” and will be sponsor by TNHH TM& DL Vân Phong. Along with Kim Joon [And T-Max], Korean singer Park Sang Min and female group Brown Eyed Girls will also be on stage that night.

According to a representative,Trần Ngọc Dương, Kim Joon and the rest of the Korean guests will be arrive at Tân Sơn Nhất (TP HCM) International Airport at 13h30 on October 23. Afterwards, the guests will be attending a press conference regarding the show at 4PM at the New World Hotel. Trần Ngọc Dương expressed, “We organized this event with fans in mind, this concert is for young music fans who could only watch Korean artists through a TV screen. ‘Dream’ will act as a bridge connecting the two countries as well as invite other Korean artists to visit Vietnam in the future.”

The director for the night will be Korean director Lee Hyun Jun. The show will also feature two Vietnamese singers; Mỹ Tâm and Ưng Hoàng Phúc. Mỹ Tâm will be performing her popular song “wish” and a Korean/Vietnamese duet, while Ưng Hoàng Phúc will be performing his song “Căn gác trống và Anh nhớ em.”



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