Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kim Bum Osen Interview

After working in paddy fields in the "Infinity Challenge", Kim Bum experiencing back pain for 3 days, and even he is very difficult to move. But he still says that it was a pleasant experience.

Although Kim Bum already started eliminating image so yi Jeong, but he still maintains a good friendship with the F4. Even when he was very busy, he will meet with them 4-5 times a month to discuss the difficulties in filmmaking or in life. They would talk for at least an hour, and sometimes speak more than 3-4 hours at a time. They are the friends who gave him valuable at the time when the power I need.

kim bum the rest of the interview and we talked about his appearance in Infinity Challenge, and the next movie Bisang. Much of what we heard before, so I'm not going to translate them. All the important and interesting part is written on top.

Really refreshing to know that they are still good friends and often spoke. Then I thought, if they ever talked about so Eun? Or she met with him, too, but of course he could not say it in interviews

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