Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fan Accounts English Translated by susamerica@soompi.com:

Some of the fans who were able to go to GHS's birhtday party at her cafe, found these facts:

1. GHS herself sometimes visits DCinside anonymously.

2. She is planning to focus on taking an acting role maybe by next summer.

3. She is suppose to have 3 main leads for her movie. Everything was ready to start at the end of October or beginning of November, but the reason her movie has been postponed is that one of the main leads decided not to take on the role.

Fans were not told who are the cast members yet, but DCinside was given one hint about one of the lead---an actor who was involved in a speeding scandal--- DC fans are maybe thinking it might be Lim Ji Gyu.

4) fact from fan who attended the party at Manolin" GHS talked about her volunteer service. She said that, in the beginning, she used to just send money. When actually went to volunteer, she realized that what they really needed were people, not just money. The fan deeply felt that GHS is a sincere and warm person. Also, the fan hinted that GHS again may do volunteer work in December and there might be an opportunity to do volunteer work with GHS.

5) One fan came all the way from another country to celebrate GHS birthday. She was so nervous sitting so close to GHS that she would look down if GHS made eye contacts with her. The fan states that she could not believe how so pretty she is, even more so in real life. She thougt GHS might think her strange because she is just staring at GHS mesmerized by her, but that GHS was so nice to her and thanked her for coming from so far. This also melted her.

credits: susamerica@soompi.com, haiyeo/nataL2Tle@youtube.com, DC
From : http://kimchi-whendestinycalls.blogspot.com



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