Thursday, October 15, 2009


It seems our HOT IDOL, SS501, really back!

After one year and seven months they were as a group, these children will release a new album on the 20th of this month. This album will be called "Rebirth" or born again, may be associated with altered images of pure charisma and sexiness. Cover their jackets was inaugurated today with the official release day on the corner, emitting a strong force through the Smokey makeup. Tenderness and gentle of Jihoo sunbae be found in this picture.

Meanwhile, their album format will also be "REBORN" from a combination of plain CD and booklet. Limited edition, which will be released on 22, two days after the release minialbum, will contain hundreds of journal pages and pictorial style flipbook, and posters that are good for our beloved Triples proud to hang on the wall.

Be sure to show love to join the SS501 in their international fan site, Quainte501.

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