Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kim Joon Returns on Mnet Scandal?

Members of T-Max and kim Joon BBF members have been seen in mned on a date with a beautiful young girl, who netizens have speculated this distinctiveness - after all, Kim Joon's "embarrassed" once before. More pictures below show two "lovers" on the sticker picture booth, a merry-go-around, and sit back while talking to one another.

Netizens even said things like:

"They seem to enjoy a certain date, such as real partners."

"Is Kim Joon got yourself a real girlfriend?"

Well, do not hesitate to check the photos for yourselves! Could he be involved in a real relationship with this mystery girl?

but don't worry for the lovers of kim Joon. Because he was not really involved in a relationship with this girl. It seems he only makes movies to show a new variety which is the Chinese version of the Korean show "Infinity Challenge". It also seems like the F4 leader in the BBF lee min ho, which will also take part in the filming of this event.

The event will air on October 24th, so you can adjust if you're interested.

Source : Allkpop
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