Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GHS in August Rush

From News Today on 12/28/2009 byt Reporter Nam Yun Hee
Headline: 어거스트러쉬에 구혜선과 타블로가? '굴욕 영상' 화제
Headline: Tablo and GHS in Auguest Rush? Humiliating video causes stir
This reporter's headline is negative. I am not really going to translate the article thoroughly.
The ariticle talks about how so, so briefly GHS and TAblo make an appearance in the movie, August Rush. Netizens had to play a game of find the picture to see GHS and TAblo in the movie, this reporter seems to say. I personally wish this reporter used her time better and find out some newsworthy information about the movie ---like how did GHS and Tablo get the parts in a Hollywood film in the first place, albeit very small and insignificant. That in itself is something! I would imagine that GHS and Tablo would not have travelled such a great distance initially to play such small roles---there has to be more than that to the story. Their agency most likely would not have allowed unpofitable venture like that, do you? Also, the filming took about 10 days in New York but they or especially GHS had to live in New York for a whole month around 2007----I wish I knew who GHS was back then!!! I would have been there to catch a glimpse of her!!! What a waste of a report, in my opinion!!

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cr : DC inside, susAmerica@soompi

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